Renewable Energy

Increasing environmental concerns and consumer demand for green power makes Solar power more popular than ever.

Prime Energy India allows you to design green and reliable power solutions that can be scaled and reconfigured as required and which can include fossil and renewable power sources plus energy storage.

Our projects spread PAN India and we have cross industry experience in building Solar Plants. Our expertise and involvement ranges from concept, engineering, execution and commissioning, to operation and maintenance of completed solar system.

RESCO Model Key Points

  • Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT), with ZERO Investment from Offtaker
  • Investor will invest in the asset on Offtaker rooftop / ground
  • Offtaker will buy power on a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for 15 OR 20 years
  • Power to be sold by the Investor to Offtaker on per unit basis
  • Plant will be transferred to Offtaker after the end of tenure without any further costs
  • Offtaker to enjoy the benefits of Net Metering
  • EPC / Investor will liason on the all required Government clearances / approvals
  • Except for change in Kiosks (HT Side), all other expenses to be in the scope of the Investor
  • Plant will be comprehensively maintained by the investor for the tenure
  • After the tenure Offtaker to make separate O & M Contracts for plant maintenance
  • Offtaker will give a BG equivalent to 6 months of billing amount
  • Investor will give Minimum Guarantees of production

Scope of Work

Offtaker’s Scope of work

  • To generate Purchase order / sign Power Purchase Agreement
  • If required, to change Kiosk, CT / PT Meters as per policy
  • To provide secure storage, water and electricity during construction of plant
  • To provide Wifi / Network for Remote Monitoring
  • After handover To take Insurance separately (for CAPEX only)

EPC Scope of work

  • EPC will install the Solar PV Plant, as per the BOM provided,
  • EPC Company will take all approvals / liason with for all Regulatory authorities
  • EPC’s scope to get the net meter installed, as per policy
  • Provide an online Data Logger to monitor production
  • EPC will do a plant maintenance for the tenure
  • EPC to provide required Guarantees
  • EPC to be responsible for all insurances and and plant related activities upto handover of plant

Time Horizons

  • EPC will take 4 to 6 months to construct the plant, from the date of PO / signing of PPA

Deal Structure Parties Involved

Risk Matrix

Asset Investment RESCO Model
O & M Risk Low covered by BGs Nil

Pay for consumption

Generation Risk Medium

90% Generation is guaranteed


The investor, maintains the plant

Capitalization Risk Medium

Offtaker will have to fund the entire investment


No Financial Investment

Tax Savings Good

Accelerated Depreciation available


The asset will not be on the balance sheet, until 15th Year

Technology Risk Until Payback Committed period, not possible to change technology
Tenure Risk Only upto payback period – 3 to 4 years 15 years or entire period of PPA
ROI High returns project NO investment

Component Warranties

Reports Provided

  • Layout with Complete Design before start of work (Full Construction Drawings)
  • Production Report initial estimate and actual comparison with Online Remote Monitoring System

Solar Panels

  • 25 years warranty backed by global tier-1 manufacturer, eg. Trina Solar or equivalent
  • Warranted 90% energy output after 10 years, 80% after 25 years

Solar Inverters

  • Global tier-1 technology, eg. ABB, Sungrow or Equivalent
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty, extendable upto 20 years

Balance of systems

  • Cables Lapp, Polycab, KEI,
  • Grounding and Lightening Arrestor JMV, SGI
  • Net Meter , Secure or any other approved make at each meter
  • Defect Liability Period by EPC for 5 years
  • Designed specifically for each site by EPC to minimize long-term operation and maintenance losses

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