• A global clean energy company specialising in green energy focussing on electricity and other resources using a waste management process that also considers the impact and consequences of waste on the health, environment, and aesthetics of the city.
  • Apart from Europe has a strong presence in French, English and Spanish speaking Africa as well as Brazil
  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH, has more than twenty-five years of experience in the Waste-To-Energy sector.
  • 80 Patents systems, including the thermomechanical conditioning TMA®, the steam drying DFT®, the steam fluidised bed dryer DWT®, the crossflow air gasification LQV® and the fluidised bed gasification WSV&WSK©.
  • Now, eager to set up plants in India, under Investment friendly conditions and stable policies

Remains : Fly Ash to be packed in Silos and Sold to Cement Factories No Left Overs!


How it works?

Waste-to-energy facilities function by burning municipal solid waste (MSW), commonly known as garbage or trash, to generate steam through a boiler. This steam is then harnessed to power an electric generator turbine.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a blend of energy-rich materials, encompassing paper, plastics, yard waste, and wood-based products. About 85 kilograms out of every 100 kilograms of MSW can be employed as fuel for generating electricity. In this process, waste-to-energy plants transform 2,000 kilograms of garbage into ash weighing between 300 and 600 kilograms, resulting in an approximately 87% reduction in waste volume.

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